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Green Energy Efficient

Couple German engineering with Hong Kong manufacturing know-how, and your destined to achieve greatness.


Companies such as Apple and L'OREAL are just a few of the customers that have chosen AL-CO for their building cooling needs.


Find out what sets AL-CO Hybrid Chiller Technology apart from the rest.

Smart customers are realizing that the real cost of a chiller solution is not the solution acquisition, but the yearly and lifetime costs to operate. Those costs can be ten times greater than the initial acquisition costs depending on your electricity tariff.


Offgrid offers complete green energy chiller services at a very low cost in UAE.


Today, leading companies such as Apple and L'OREAL among many others are looking to leaders in innovation for energy-efficient chiller solutions that can substantially reduce the total lifetime costs to operate.


With OffGrid's portfolio of solutions, customers can expect to achieve between 35% to 55% energy savings, and achieve returns on investment that makes the business very happy in their decision to go green.

That means real savings and capital back into running your core business.

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Green Energy Chiller



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L'OREAL R&D Center Shanghai

L'OREAL R&D Center Shanghai

Apple Corp Hangzhou

Apple Corp Hangzhou


Rawang Specialist Hospital


INTI Campus Building


Main Campus Building

ho man tin shopping center.jpg

Ho Man Tin shopping center

saint teresas hosptial.jpg

Saint Teresa's Hospital

maccau hospital.jpg

Macau Hospital


China Agricultural University

Sogo Deparment Store Sanya.jpg

Sogo Department Store

tai wo hau hall.jpg

Tai Wo Hall

tin shing shopping center.jpg

Tin-Shing Shopping Mall


Zhejiang Cancer Hospital

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