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Water Pump

Flexible Water Pumping Solutions

Off Grid Solutions designs powerful, yet flexible water pumping solutions. In any environment, hot or cold, humid or arid, OGS water pumps work and work well. Our water pumps are designed and built to outlast the competition. An OGS pump will work even in temperatures up to 40 °C. High quality materials and advanced internal electronics provide functionality that our competitors simply don’t offer

OGS pumps will pull water directly from in-ground wells. Differing power options offer versatility for any situation. For those wishing for complete off-grid living, a series of solar panels can be plugged directly into the pump. For emergency use, the pump can run in connection with an OGS DC-native electricity generator. The generator operates on gas, LPG or petrol—using 30% less fuel than a standard generator. Even powered on the standard grid AC power, an OGS pump will outperform the competition.

PM Brushless DC Motor

The lifespan of a brushless motor is typically 10,000 hours as compared to the 3,000-4,000 hours of a brushed motor.

Built-in Electronics

  • No need for external inverter to convert AC to DC

  • Ensures energy source independence

Double Shielded Motor

  • Protection for the motor

  • Prevents any water pollution

  • Advanced reliability

  • Longer lifespan

  • Reduced noise levels

  • Compact size

Segment Stator

Properties of OGS Solar Water Pump

The Advantage of a Brushless Motor

OGS Solar Water Pumps set themselves apart with ultra-efficient brushless motors. A brushless motor, as opposed to a more traditional brushed motor, features stationary electrical windings. It sounds technical, but it means a brushless motor boasts 17% more efficiency. That greater efficiency means every available ounce of power in an OGS Solar Water Pump goes to extracting water. The stationary windings in a brushless motor also create less friction. So even in heavy use, the motor suffers less wear and tear, extending the life of the pump. On average, an Off Grid Solutions brushless motor can be expected to perform three times longer than a traditional brushed motor.

Comprehensive, Easy to Deploy Pumping Solutions

An OGS Solar Water Pump boasts a submersible depth of up to 140 meters or 450 feet. The pump’s body, shaft, bracket and various other components are made of durable stainless steel. Even with all its power and ability, the OGS Solar Water Pump is compact—needing only a 4-inch diameter well. The AC & DC volt supply for the motor can provide anywhere from 30-360 volts of DC or 90-230 volts of AC at 50/60 Hertz. OGS’s Solar Water Pump is designed for vertical installation. A built-in, spring-loaded non-return valve ensures against damaging water backflow. Therefore, a quick close valve is not needed. A separate on/off switch is all that is needed to complete the OGS Solar Water Pump’s solution.

OGS Solar Water Pump Applications

  • Pumping Clean Water in areas lacking electricity

  • Crop Irrigation

  • Landscaping

  • Small Factories

  • Other Small Construction Works

  • Domestic Water Supply

  • Water Conservation

Native DC Means Better Pumping

Most competing solar water pumps use motors requiring AC voltage. Solar power, on the other hand is DC voltage. This means that to run on solar power, the competitors require a separate inverter to convert solar DC to AC voltage. Not only is this an expensive extra component, the conversion can result in a 20%-30% efficiency loss. OGS Solar Water Pumps are built with DC motors. This means no extra conversion, no extra cost, and no power loss. OGS Solar Water Pumps perform better, period.


OGS SolarWater Pump specification sheet

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