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DC Fan with LED Light

This powerful fan’s 56-inch blades are designed for maximum air flow at minimum energy cost. An included remote control allows users to cycle through any of the energy-efficient ceiling fan’s five speed settings. Even at maximum speed, the 56-inch Solar Ceiling Fan draws only 28 Watts. A small 50 W solar panel will keep the solar fan running like a dream.


  • Perfect solution for room cooling in 100% Off-Grid or load shedding locations

  • Works with AC and DC power source

  • Directly connects to Grid power and Solar power

  • Internal battery backup for up to 6 hours of backup fan operation

  • Automatically switches between Solar, Grid, or Battery power

  • Automatically recharges battery when grid power or solar power is available


  • 56” Inch Fan

  • 5 adjustable speeds with IR Remote Control

  • Included two x 12v internal batteries

  • Overcharge and Discharge protection

  • Power consumption: 17W – 28W


  • AC220v-240v / 50Hz,60Hz

  • DC12v or DC24v

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