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Commercial Solutions

Retrofit solutions for offices, hotels, and buildings

Have you made the decision to stop wasting energy and money?

 Going green and sustainable is simple and easy with OffGrid's portfolio of retrofit energy efficiency solutions that STOP energy waste, and puts savings back in your budget.

  • No downtime installation

  • Payback in less than 1 year

  • No changes to warranty

  • Immediate results


Turn your existing chiller into an energy efficient solution, and extract more value from your investment.

If reducing your operating expenses is a goal for your company, the best place to start is with one of the highest energy  consuming systems you own.


OffGrid Solution can help put you on the road to reducing your chiller energy demands. With our no risk solutions that preserves your existing chiller warranty and maintenance contract. The decision is made easy to start exploring ways to bring down your operating expenses.

With energy savings contracts, and customized acquisition models that fit your business needs, it has never been easier for you to go green and start saving with your existing chiller environment. 

Convert your existing inefficient electrical hot water boiler into a power saving solution that puts you in control of your operating budget.

Interested in reducing your water heating bills, and putting more capital back in your budget? 


At OffGrid Solution, we offer solutions to convert your existing water boiler into an energy efficient solution, with zero disruption or downtime to your environment.

We offer solutions that can be installed in parallel to your exiting electrical heating element solution, that can help save you up to 50% of of your water heating costs.


Contact us to schedule a no-risk onsite assessment of your environment, and explore ways to help pay for the conversion out of energy savings.


You could be throwing money away using old CFL energy saver lighting.

Let us help put you in control of your lighting energy expenses.
If your using legacy CFL energy saver lighting solutions, or incandescent solutions, you’re wasting money.
With today's filament solutions, you can achieve over 80% energy savings over CFL solutions. At OffGrid, we don't just change light bulbs, our approach is holistic, we perform a full inventory and assessment of your existing lighting solution and map that against your requirements before suggesting any conversations.

With the right lighting solutions:

  • Retailers can increase sales, and reduce shrinkage with simple modifications in their current design.

  • Offices can help increase productivity and even brighten moods with the right kind of lighting.


Our solutions have short ROI's that puts you back in the green quickly.

Contact us for a no risk proposal to help get you on the right track to being a more efficient green energy lighting consumer.

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