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Off Grid Living

Off Grid home or villa made easy!

Speak with the experts in off grid home conversion

Smart customers are choosing to go off grid for many reasons:


Load Shedding

Lack of Grid Development

Cutting Your Carbon Footprint

Saving Money

At OffGrid Group of Companies, we offer full turnkey services to convert your on grid home into an Off Grid home.

Our approach to off grid living is holistic, and methodical.

  • Examine architecture

  • Applied insulation materials

  • Capture and analyze the consumption workloads

  • Recommend energy conservation technologies suited for solar

  • Solar sizing and configuration

  • Installation and maintenance

Call us to schedule a no-cost onsite assessment for your FULL OFFGRID Turnkey Solution!

Going off the grid has never been easier!

At OffGrid we've have tackled the hard challenges of off grid living. We offer solutions that are customized to your environment, your goals for energy independence and your budget.

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