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Nano Stone

The Green Solution to Marble and Granite

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The fastest growing renewable stone technology in the world.

Nano Stone is a unique green building material, created from the most abundant materials on earth, imbued with special nano properties and characteristics that makes it a superior alternative to any natural stone. 

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Green Building Material

99.99% Impervious to water

Best sun blocking, and non-aging from exposure

Same scratch resistance as granite

Anti-Germ, Anti-Mold and Anti-Fungal

Zero maintenance

Never needs polishing or resurfacing

Available in artistic designs

Custom designs available for special projects

Artificial Marble Stone

Mimic any marble stone design

Solid or Mix Color Stone

Mix and match to realize your personalized touch and design

nano stone cladding


Nano Stone is a product designed and engineered to withstand the elements and last a lifetime. A unique blend of silica and other inorganic materials are crystallized together under intense heat creating a durable and chemically inert product. This stable product does not lose its rigidity and sparkling quality even under the continuous exposure to acid and alkali corrosion, rain, UV radiation, high winds, efflorescence and environmental pollution. It is the perfect building material for cladding external walls and flooring sidewalks and patios.




As a better alternative to natural stones, the Nano Stone is non-porous and impervious to chemical staining and dirt penetration. Its surface is resistant to impact, scratches and changes in room
temperatures thus making it the excellent choice for flooring and  internal walls.  

nano stone interior
Nano Stone Wash basin


The Nano Stone surface is resistant to bacteria, fungal and mold penetration, easy to clean and sterilize, and therefore, hygienic. Widely used in the assembly of tabletops, countertops  and worktops for use in the kitchen, washrooms, hospitals,  laboratories, and all types of clean-rooms. Nano Stone can be  molded into basins, sinks and other custom designs. Its near  pure white color, which is a natural result of the production  process, is making it a popular alternative to white marble.

Properties of Nano Stone

Physical properties exceed those of natural cut building stones

Nano Stone has a uniform, solid and very dense core which gives it a high compressive and bending strength. Its molecular structure, even texture, rigidity and
superior resistance properties give it a much higher
performance than natural building stones. This type of
stone is engineered to withstand repeated wear and tear.

Available in a wide variety of colors for different applications

Natural stones are limited to their inherent colors and
non uniformity. On the other hand, the manufacturing process of Nano Stone allows for the addition of different
hues to match customers preferences. Common shades
include pure white, jet black, red hues and beige

nano stone tile

Easy to clean and Hygienic

The Nano Stone is resistant to dirt, moisture or bacteria penetration. Its surfaces are therefore easy to clean and sterilize, resulting in a hygienic home, leisure or work environment. As it is stain resistant, paints, varnish, and other similar building materials can be easily washed from its surface during and after the construction process.

Green Building Material

Nano Stone is 100% recyclable, making for zero construction waste. In addition, its advanced manufacturing process removes all radioactive elements and toxic materials from the stone. It is, therefore, a non-toxic, safe and eco-friendly  building material.

Easy to mold

Due to its molecular structure, the stone can be tempered and molded into unique shapes and custom designs such as columns, stairs, wash-hand basins, kitchen and laundry sinks and other architectural elements. 

Easy to cut

In spite of its strength and solid core, the micro-grains in the nano stone makes it easy to cut, hone, chisel or sandblast to create a variety of architectural elements. The edges of the glass can also be chamfered and polished for a clean look.

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