Solar Refrigerator

All-inclusive solution

OGS Refrigertor and Freezer is an all-inclusive solution needing only external solar panels or grid AC to be powered up. Each unit comes with its own built-in lithium-ion batteries and a built in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller. In direct sun, solar energy will charge the batteries. Then, should weather or nightfall decrease solar availability, the refrigerator/freezer can run entirely from battery power. Battery and solar power combined make the Off Grid Solution refrigerators and freezers perfect for 100% off-grid living. The
internal batteries can keep your refrigeration unit running continuously for up to 10 hours. For those not interested in 100% off-grid living, Off Grid Solution includes an AC to DC adapter. This adapter allows each refrigerator and freezer to plug into the standard energy grid. The ability to use both solar and traditional power makes Off Grid Solution refrigerators perfect for any energy-smart user.

Working Indicators


Perfect for

  • Off-grid living.

  • Safe, reliable long-term freezer storage in anyconditions.

  • Energy-smart consumers.

  • Efficient and powerful refrigeration without the environmental harm of traditional refrigerators.

  • Refrigeration needs outside the home, such as in a RV or boat.

  • Reliable refrigeration even in areas

  • experiencing intermittent/incomplete power.