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Solar Refrigerator

All-inclusive solution

OGS Refrigerator and Freezer are an all-inclusive refrigeration solution requiring only external solar panels or grid power. Our solar refrigerators consume 60% less power than traditional refrigerators. 

Each refrigerator or freezer comes with:

  • Built-in internal 10-hour lithium-ion battery backup

  • Built-in Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT)

  • Built-in charge controller.

  • Includes AC adapter for grid connection

  • Auto switching between power sources

CONNECT DIRECTLY TO your solar panels and your food will be safe from load shedding, blackouts and enjoy the off grid lifestyle.


The ability to use multiple power sources like solar and traditional power makes Off Grid Solution's refrigerators perfect for any energy-smart customer.

Additional larger capacity models are available, please send us a message and let us find the right solutions for your requirements.

Working Indicators


Perfect for

  • Off-grid living.

  • Safe, reliable long-term freezer storage in anyconditions.

  • Energy-smart consumers.

  • Efficient and powerful refrigeration without the environmental harm of traditional refrigerators.

  • Refrigeration needs outside the home, such as in a RV or boat.

  • Reliable refrigeration even in areas

  • experiencing intermittent/incomplete power.

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