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Solar Energy Products
from OffGrid Solution

Explore Our Solar Solutions Portfolio
Everything You Need For Off Grid Living

  • DC Native Solar Air Conditioners

  • Nano Coated Solar Panels

  • Solar Water Heater Systems

  • Solar Refrigerator

  • Solar Ceiling Fans

  • LED Lighting

  • Solar Lighting

  • Solar Water Pumps

  • Self Powered wireless switches and smart home

  • Nano-Stone Technology


Nano-Coated panels offer unique advantages over traditional panels due to its natural ability to repel water, dust and sand particles. Explore the future in self cleaning nanotechnology.

OGS 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU

Cut your home or office cooling costs to ZERO! Our air conditioning solutions are designed from the ground up to be powered from Solar power.


Solar water heaters manufactured to exacting European standards and specifications.

Smart Film

Smart Film

Smart Glass

OGS Smart Fim offer the latest in privacy solutions that stands apart. With electronic activation and deactivation, and 98% UV blocking, turn your home or office into a true smart environment.


Our DC current refrigerators consumes less power than some light bulbs - as little as 34 watts, and has its own internal Lithium Ion battery for up to 10 hours of continuous operations. Perfect for load shedding or off grid environments.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-18 at 1.22.25 PM(1).jpeg223.jpeg

OGS DC Fans can plug into any power source, solar or AC and come with internal batteries that provide cooling for up to 6 hours. The answer to affordable cooling for load shedding or off grid environments.


Energy Efficient lighting

Lighting solutions that eight times more efficient than CFL. We offer the latest in energy efficient lighting solutions for commercial and residentials uses.


We offer the latest in Solar lighting solutions, with LiFePO4 batteries that have a 7 year warranty. Solutions available for commercial, municipality level and residential customers.

solar water pump.JPG

DC native solar water pumps are the latest in water extraction technology. With DC and Solar Power, convert every watt generated into useable power to extract water. Our solutions use 30%-50% less solar power for the same amount of water extraction.


Offering the latest in home and office automation. Take a tour of the latest in powerless switching and remote power management.


Nano Stone is a unique green building material, created from the most abundant materials on earth, imbued with special nano properties and characteristics that makes it a superior alternative to any natural stone. 


Indoor Faux Marble




Kitchen Counter






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