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Smart Switch


Off Grid Solutions is a pioneer of self-powered, wireless switch technology. As the name indicates, a wireless switch can control the flow of power to a light, fan or appliance, without being hard-wired into a home’s electrical grid.

The technological secret to an OGS self-powered switch lies in converting mechanical power to power the switch. Every time you press the switch, a small mechanical module transforms pressure from your finger into a small burst of electricity. By using each press of the switch to create electricity, an OGS wireless switch can work indefinitely. Other wireless switches use batteries. Batteries drain and need constant replacing. An OGS self-powered switch works without the hassle.

Because on OGS switch does not require any wires or batteries, it is entirely moveable. Stick the wireless switch wherever it’s most convenient. Better yet, don’t stick the wireless switch anywhere and use it as a travelling remote control. An OGS wireless switch works through walls, in a 30-meter radius indoors and up to 150 meters outdoors.

Properties of


OGS wireless switches are a contractor’s best friend. Managing a building project is like assembling a puzzle, except each piece has to be added in a specific order. One stumble in the process can add weeks of time and money

Easy to Use

The switch uses its own mechanical energy as power, meaning it’s one less thing to draw power in a home or business. Additionally, the portability of the switch makes it easier for users to turn on and off lights or fans only when they’re needed, helping to reduce the energy footprint. Also, the reduction in construction waste associated with
smart switches help the environment.

Smartphone integration

Perhaps most attractive is the OGS wireless switch’s integration with smartphone technology. In tandem with a computer or mobile app, the wireless switch can be activated or cut off from practically anywhere in the world. There’s no need to worry if you left the lights on during vacation when you can turn them off anytime, anywhere.

Simple Installation

A set of wireless switches can ease the building process. Wireless switches require only a fraction of the installation time. Imagine an electrical installation which requires no rough-ins, almost no cutting at all. Eliminating the demolition involved in installing a switch allows the electrical and masonry/dry wall teams to finish their work faster. Faster work means less headaches and happier

The simplicity of a wireless switches means the electrical team can do more, even with a smaller workforce. An Off Grid Solutions wireless switch also removes the headache of wiring in a switch on tough-to-work-with mediums.

There’s no need for special tools or labor to cut through concrete or marble. Just use an adhesive wireless switch. Even better, there’s no undoing all the hard work that goes into finishing a wall to install or moving light switches in existing environments.

A wireless switch also makes for cleaner work. Especially in a renovation, adding a switch usually means tearing up an existing wall. A wireless switch removes this hassle. Less mess means quicker work. There’s also no need to bring
extra hardware from jobsite to jobsite. There will be no need to buy extra splicers and wire when since our switches don’t require either.
And if a client changes their mind after a switch is installed, moving a wireless switch is just as simple as peeling and replacing a sticker.

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