Self Cleaning solar panels

Cost savings on cleaning/maintenance

Maintaining clean, dust-free solar panels is one of the most critical factors to maximizing the amount of power generated by your solar system year round.

In collaboration with our  Tier-1 solar panel manufacturer, we have engineered self cleaning solar panels that increase the amount of energy produced year round.


  • Factory applied nano-coating for dust and dirt repellent

  • Reduce your cleaning frequency and effort

  • Maintain more consistent power output year round

  • Achieve up to 20% higher overall power output with the same power efficiency as traditional panels 

  • 25 years performance warranty 


After one month exposure:

(side by side)

Our nano-coating offering is flexible and can be tailored to your requirements.

 It can be ordered on new panels pre-applied at the factory in a clean environment

We can provide professional services that expertly apply the same coating treatment on existing panels at your location.