Solar Water Heating Made Easy

OffGrid Solar Water Heaters offer the NEXT GENERATION in energy efficiency and design 

99% Efficient Solar Energy to Heat Conversion

Existing THERMOSYPHON based water heaters are inefficient at heat transfer,  use breakable glass or plastic. Making them hard to install, and expensive to fix. ​

OGS Solar Water Heaters are next generation technology using standard solar panels and an indoor water tank. 


  • Easy to install

  • No roof mounting of heavy water tank

  • No need to route water pipes to roof

  • No loss of water temperature at night

  • Direct DC power from Solar Panels, and with AC backup

  • Even when using AC backup, Our Solar Water Heaters are 50% more energy efficient

  • Provides hot water all year - summer to winter

10 Year Warranty

Solar Water Heater.jpg

Outdated Existing Technology

OffGrid Solution Solar Water Heater

3 Solar Panels.jpg
DC Solar Water Heater

100-150 liter



2 300w Panels.jpg

2 x 300w

Solar Panels

200 liter



3 300w Panels.jpg

3 x 300w

Solar Panels

300 liter



4 x 300w

Solar Panels

All you need is the water heater tank and solar panels