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Investor Relations

At OffGrid, our focus is on customer satisfaction and product excellence. We consistently go the extra mile to assure project completion to exacting demands and achieve excellent customer satisfaction.

This singular focus has helped fuel our growth from a modest  business in Dubai to a multinational organization with a family of employees that are proud to wear the OffGrid badge. 


OffGrid Group of Companies network of regional offices currently spans into  six strategic countries, and with new regions coming online in 2018.


We're always looking for avenues to extend our reach with strategic partnerships in order to meet the demands of our customers for unique financing options and innovative solutions or technologies. We are open to exploring the right types of relationships that will provide for healthy growth, satisfied customers and respectable returns for capital.

Investors are welcome to send their inquiries to us at:

OffGrid Group of Companies

Sapphire Tower, #108/109

Deira, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

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