AC's DESIGNED FOR solar power!

Window Mount
DC Solar Air Conditioner

1 Window Unit

Cools 1 Indoor Room



6,000 BTU / 0.5 Ton

9,000 BTU / 0.75 Ton 

12,000 BTU / 1 Ton

Solar Air Conditioner Split

DC Solar Air Conditioner

1 Outdoor Unit

Cools 1 Indoor Room


12,000 BTU / 1 Ton

18,000 BTU / 1.5 Ton

24,000 BTU / 2 Ton

Multi Split-Unit
DC Solar Air Conditioner

1 Outdoor Unit

Cools 3 Indoor Rooms



54,000 BTU / 4.5 Ton

DC Solar Air Conditioner

1 Outdoor Unit

Cools 6 Indoor Rooms



126,000 BTU / 10 Ton

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OffGrid Products
Solar Energy Products

Mono and Poly panels are available in stock and ready for shipping to your destination or for local installing applications.

Solar Panels

Get The Latest in Solar Panel Technology

OGS Solar Water Heaters are next generation technology using standard solar panels and an indoor water tank.

Modern Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heating Made Easy

Take advantage of our large in-house inventory of solar batteries for almost any environment or application.

Solar Batteries

Available in Gel, AGM, or Lead Acid.

Our 56-inch Solar Ceiling Fan draws only 28 Watts. A small 50 W solar panel will keep the solar fan running like a dream.

Solar Ceiling Fan

Designed for maximum air flow at minimum energy cost

Inverters and all-in-one UPS systems for home and commercial.

Inverter and UPS Systems

Inverters and UPS systems for residential and commercial

Each fridge or freezer is an all-in-one solution,  with  built-in battery and  MPPT charge controller. Just add solar panels and you have 24/7 food storage facilities.

Solar Refrigerator & Freezers

All-inclusive solution needing only external solar panels

With our innovative solutions for Solar panel installation and maintenance,  see why customers like Dubai Municipality and ADNOC trust OffGrid with their solar projects.

  • Scoping and sizing

  • Financing solution

  • Permits filing

  • Installation

  • Cleaning and maintenance

  • Warranty service and repair

Boiler Efficiency

  • No Downtime

  • Reduce water heating costs by up to 50%

  • Keep existing solution in place as backup

  • Payback in less than 1 year

Chiller Efficiency

  • No Downtime

  • Installs in one day

  • Reduce 30% of Chiller Energy Demand

  • Payback in 3-6 months

Lighting Efficiency

OffGrid is Offering Full Energy Makeovers with no upfront cost to qualified customers