• Two main parts only, lighting fixture and solar panel, nice design of integrated all in one solar street lighting
  • Battery & charge controller integrated in lighting fixture
  • Adjustable solar panel angle for best solar energy conversion
  • 5 -7  years life LiFePO4 battery
  • Easy installation in minutes, maintenance free and no battery theft


Model No.:





LED Lamp:


2400 lm


3200 lm


 4800 lm


6400 lm

Color temperature:

6500 K

Solar Panel:

50 WMONO Crystalline

65 W MONO Crystalline

80W MONO Crystalline

100W Mono crystalline

 LiFEPO4 Battery:



340 WH

424 WH


Modes of Operation - Remote Selectable

L: 100%  - 1 hr, 70% - 3 hrs, 20% - dawn

T: 100%  - 5 hr, 50% - 7 hrs (dawn)

M: 50%   - 1 hr, 100% - 3 hrs, 20% - dawn

U: 100%  - 2 hr, 60% - 2 hrs, sensor lighting, 20% standby, 60% motion sensed


Default at L Mode in factory USE Remote control to select best one according to  local sunshine conditions.



Microwave sensor

Microwave sensor works by emitting high frequency electric wave to detect objects movement,  and they are not working properly under circumstance of metal, large trees, magnetic field.


Why integrate microwave sensor device into solar outdoor lighting?

1. It can get through glass, wood, plastic and other non-metallic object so it can be installed inside lamp shade, and no influence on lamp's appearance.

2. It won't be influenced by airflow, dust, temperature, humidity like PIR.

Solar Street Light - NightHawk All-In-One 15/20/30/40W